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Getting to Know
Wildflowers of East Texas

Amor Charm with Raffia Bow

Wildflowers debuted in April of 2021.  It started with two people who loved doing flower arrangements and decided to just go for it.  So we did!

We came up with a name that not only reflected our style but also our beautiful home State of Texas.  We also decided that we wanted to be a little different and have a brand that would separate us from your traditional flower shop.

Some of the ways we decided to be different are that we include a free little keepsake charm with every arrangement.  (This way you don't have to keep those old flowers as a memory).  We also seal our brown card stock envelopes with a wax seal for that Victorian-era, fun, romantic feel.

We are not affiliated with any wires services.  Our arrangements are custom-made to fit your needs and to reflect the recipient.  You tell us what you are wanting and we go from there.


Once done, we will send you a picture of your order before delivery so that you have the opportunity to make any changes you see fit. No more wondering what

you sent.

(Holidays such as

Valentine's Day and Mother's Day may be different due to volume and delivery times). 

We will

gladly work with any idea you may have to make your arrangement perfect for your occasion.

Image of Kim - owner of business

Our service area includes:  Anderson County, TX  *  Elkhart, TX  *  Athens, TX  *  Grapeland, TX  *  Slocum, TX  *  Palestine, TX  *  Cayuga, TX

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